Fondo Europeo Agricolo per lo Sviluppo Rurale: L’Europa investe nelle zone rurali


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Enologica, the most important event dedicated to Sagrantino Wine backs to Montefalco from 19th to 213rd of september 2014. A series of events will take place dedicated to one of the most important DOCG of Italy, able to play a main role among the best Italian red wines.
A very rich agenda which offers chances to visit the lands, the villages and anything about the wines of this area. There will be important moments of analysis reserved to experts, in particular to the specialised press, and to the vast public and lovers.

The format, basically unchanged, because of the historicity of the festival – this is the 35th edition – sees, however, some news. From one hand events for the vast public; in fact we are living the special moment of the harvest. On the other hand places and moments for deeper analysis reserved to experts (in particular Monday the 23rd of September) and to specialised press. There are a lot of events to recommend: from the tasting of each Sagrantino present at the educational, from the conventions to the labs.

Highlights: educational, conventions, walks, labs e cooking show with focus on Sagrantino and its perfect match with dishes made by famous chefs.