Fondo Europeo Agricolo per lo Sviluppo Rurale: L’Europa investe nelle zone rurali


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Tavola disegno 1@2x-100 (2)ENOLOGICA2016 | SISTEMA SAGRANTINO

The theme and all that is on offer at the next edition of Enologica 2016 are inspired by the recent award received by the City of Montefalco: ” Spiga Verde” (or, Green Spikes).

Only thirteen ordinary Italians who, according to the Foundation for Environmental Education and Confagricoltura in Rome, stood out according to criteria such as: land management policies, directed toward general criteria focus on sustainability, public participation, education regarding sustainable development, correct use of terrain, the presence of typical agricultural production, sustainability and innovation in agriculture, quality of tourist products, the existence and extent of functionality of the purifying treatment plants, waste management, in particular concerning selective collection, the enhancement of natural areas. “Spighe Verdi was also created to provide a tool to guide the rural municipalities, step by step, to choose management strategies in a virtuous cycle that benefits both the environment and quality of life of the community.”

In this context Enologica can be brought forward as an event able to convey the concept of sustainability, and thus the Grapeassistance project, with in-depth appointments, such as the conference, guided tastings and, not least, the preparation of the relevant location.

The proposed title want to refer to the concept of System, which, in its most general meaning, indicates “a set of elements or subsystems interconnected among themselves or with the external environment through mutual relations, but that behave as a whole, according to its general rules. “. Each part makes a contribution to a common purpose or identifying goal of the same system.

Sagrantino and other companies participating in the event and the project are presented as individual parties, interconnected within the Territory and Montefalco, for a shared purpose: environmental sustainability as a systemic key in the production of Montefalco wine.

An historical event for the city of Montefalco, organized by the Consorzio Tutela Vini Montefalco in collaboration with the Municipality of Montefalco, dedicated to the wine production of Umbria and, in particular, to the Montefalco Sagrantino, Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin, which justly entered in the circle of the world’s top wines, and that, in the latest edition, was confronted with production experiences from California and Australia.

The latest edition confirmed around 5,000 Tourists that reached the beautiful “Balcony of Umbria” to discover the artistic, cultural and historical heritage that revolves around the universe of Sagrantino DOCG, participating in guided tastings, cooking shows and the events in the wine cellar, with numbers that exceeded all expectations: 1,200 glasses sold and about a thousand visitors for “La Madonna della Cintola” by Benozzo Gozzoli.

Every year Enologica becomes an occasion of exchange, comparison and growth; an opportunity to talk not only about the past, traditions and territorial ties but above all about the future, promotion and marketing of the territory, the keys to the development of the reality of local winemaking and of the entire territory of Montefalco.

An event increasingly recognized by national media of the industry, as evidenced by our press review: