The company existing since the 60’s, then was reconstituted in 1998 since I started to take care of my father's land, which before was almost exclusively dedicated to arable crops and a part to olive trees. In these ten years, thanks to the help of my "supporters" parents, I have come to have a vineyard of about 8 hectares and 7 hectares of olive trees. The activity of the winery began in 2001.
The vineyard was planted in 1998 with an area of 5 hectares with a prevalence of Sagrantino grapes and the remaining Sangiovese, various clones, Merlot, Trebbiano Toscano and Grechetto. The sixth planting is 2.80 m x 1.00 m, with spurred cordon training.

In 2006, after having purchased an old family property, a new vineyard with a surface of about 3 hectares was planted. In this land it was decided to plant only Sangiovese, various clones, Merlot, various clones, and Chardonnay grapes. As for the sixth planting, this time we adopted the 2.50 x 0.90 m, in order to have a higher density per hectare, and a lower load per vine. This means have a better product to bring to the winery. The training is also spurred cordon, but double in order to evaluate the organoleptic and structure potentiality of the wine. The vineyards are all located in the municipality of Montefalco for a total area of about 8 hectares.
However, to date the grapes produced, for the prevalence are sold to another winery, the remaining part is vinified by making a careful selection in the vineyard and in the winery of the best bunches. Every year we try to vinify a greater quantity until today it reaches about 350 hectoliters.
Started with about 1000 bottles, by type, in the year 2001 to date, we are around a production of the last harvest of about 50.000 bottles. In the year 2010 we want to reach a quantity of about 80.000 bottles.

The company also has olive groves for the production of extra virgin olive oil with protected designation of origin, with about 1200 trees equal to about 7 hectares, in various areas of the municipality of Giano dell'Umbria.
Finally, the whole farm follows the protocol of good agricultural practice imposed by the Agro environmental measure, which involves the reduction of pesticides, fertilizers for the respect of the environment, and the final products.

Az. Agr. Eraldo Dentici
Fraz. Casale, Loc. Rialto – 06036 Montefalco (PG)
Tel. 0742/622808

Anteprima Sagrantino RESERVED AREA