Set in a beautiful farm, our vineyard is 25 m long: There are different kind of international grapes, present in the ground, such as the Sangiovese, either the Merlot, or the Sauvignon one. Moreover, in this wonderful vineyard, are also present three different kind of native vine varieties: Sagrantino, Grechetto and Trebbiano Spoletino. These grapes are ideal for the territory they are set in. As a matter of fact, the ground is plenty of sand and clay. We live in the center of Italy, exactly in the Umbria region, in a village very near from Montefalco, and we are set at 348 m in height. The position in which we live, protect us from the famous Monti Martani, and for this reason the climate is perfect for growing up, in a very slow way, our grapes. This sort of temperature and climate can be consider as a sort of heaven in Earth. Because of all these reasons, linked also with passion, tradition and handmade working, both in the vineyards and in the winery, we have a very sumptuous kind of wine, elegant, rich, fragrant. The main aspect of our wine, is, so, the fact that it keeps all the typical product of which it is made of, in addition to all the characteristics it already has.


Loc. Uncinano – 06049 Spoleto (Pg)

Cell. 380 3454401