Agricola Castelgrosso


The company, until the second half of the nineteenth century is owned by the Mancini family who has always cared for the environment and the culture of the typical products.

Wine Sagrantino and Montefalco Rosso with extra virgin olive oil are the part followed more carefully.
soils that cover about 120 hectares in the hills and 11 acres of vineyards are all facing south. 

This allows the grapes we produce to reach that particular level of maturity that gives our wines organoleptic much appreciated.

La Famiglia Mancini, of Roman origin, is present in the territory by the end of the 800. The company is still owned by brothers Augustus and Charles Mancini; is now called Agricola Castelgrosso.

Precisely ancient presence in the area, the Mancini family has always felt constrained to environmental conservation and development of agricultural products typical of the area.

The Company has always produced wine, olive oil and cereals.
Located in the town of Castel Ritaldi, 12 km from Spoleto, and less than 6 Montefalco by the City, for all its extension is included in the production of Sagrantino DOCG.
Past several years, the business activity has gone specializing in the production of grapes and wine of Montefalco Sagrantino and Rosso. 

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