Roberto and Elena run their winery business on the Martani hills, located for the most part in the DOC region of Montefalco. They are backed by two generations of experience in the understanding of wines in the area. Wines of a strong and sometimes difficult nature, such as Sagrantino, or complex and earthy like Grechetto, or fresh and fruity like Trebbiano Spoletino.
The Vernaccia of Cannara is, on the other hand, a wine of historical significance. Its vine, the Cornetta, was on the verge of extinction, but was saved in the Cannara countryside. From the very beginning, the vines have been cultivated organically, and biodynamic cultivation was also introduced some years ago. Workhorses are now being used to solve the problem of soil compression.
”...we have been cultivating the vines for two generations. We sell the wines we produce and live from those alone, devoting ourselves to this and no other work. We are true vintners.”.

Cantina Plani Arche di Roberto Di Filippo
Voc. Conversino, 160 – 06033 Cannara (PG)
Tel./Fax 0742720487

Anteprima Sagrantino RESERVED AREA