The Azienda Agraria Brunozzi is a very small farm, with a family management. It is set in the Montefalco municipality, exactly in Collearfuso, a little village, elliptical shapen, which has a wonderful view of the Spoleto valley. It is rumoured that some ancestor of the family was already present in Collearfuso during 1600. The farm is of 8 hectares: two of them are vineyards, three have olive trees, and the others are woods and grazing lands.

The DOC and DOCG vineyards were all reintroduced from 2002 to 2006; The olive trees, some of them centennial, are all belonging to the DOP Umbria. The presence of the sun for all day long, the perfect climate, the clay in the earth, and a slope of it, all linked and connected with a deeply respected cultivation of the lands, are all factors which creates a very high quality of olive production, and of wine production. The olives, without having undergone any phytosanitary treatment, are harvested by hand from the second half of October until the middle of November. Every evening they are taken to the mill for pressing to guarantee a delicate, high quality extra virgin olive oil with very low acidity.

The olive oil varieties are Muraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio. Harvesting, exclusively by hand, allows a careful selection of all the bunches, especially for those destined for the Sagrantino Passito, which are put to dry on racks, formerly called "Camorcanne".
The vinification takes place in steel fermenters, a brief storage of the wine in steel barrels and then ageing in large oak barrels in a basement with stone walls, that guarantee an almost constant temperature. During the vinification process and the subsequent steps up to the final bottle, we have always tried to combine all the best of modern technology with the most respect for the tradition that has been handed down to us.

The very names of our DOC and DOCG wines: Scimella, Carlotto and Plautilla are linked both to the territory and to the history of our family, and the labels have, as background graphics, a detail of the fresco, found in the old family residence, dated 1852.
We sell our products directly in the farm. Since 2011 we are a "Punto Campagna Amica" and our point of sale is a very characteristic stone room, an old stable of 30’s, whose manger contains a small and curious display of tools and objects of the peasant tradition.

Az. Agr. Brunozzi Giorgio
Loc. Colle Arfuso, 2 – 06036 Montefalco (PG)
Cell. 328 9549774 – Cell. 349 6710047