My family starts this business in 1650, cultivating the land with passion and love. Today, I try to keep alive the work of my parents, and in 2008, I create the Azienda Agricola Cocco Ilaria, thanks to the deep love I have for this activity.
Passion and strenght, after many attempts and tests, help me to realize in 2017 the first botting.

The company is set in the municipality of Montefalco, in a hill valley totally exposed at east side. It is of 8 hectares, and 3,5 of them are used for vineyards.
The production is completely traditional, as a matter of fact I acquired it from my family: the most important things for me, connected with the production, are the completely and totally consideration for the knowledge I have, ethics and also my origins, which are bucolical. All of these is the main aspect of my work. Everything turns around it.

Because I am the only responsible of the whole production of my wine, untill the botting of it, I can consider myself the perfect narrator to speak about my land and the fruits that grow from it.

Cocco Ilaria
Poggetto n° 6/c
06036 Montefalco (PG)
Tel. +39 3471916207
Instagram: cocco_montefalco

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