The “Terre di San Felice” estate is located in the vicinity of Castel Ritaldi and has been the property of the Mancini family since 1893.
The vineyard which spreads across 3,5 hectares is mainly exposed south, the vines are grown at an average altitude of 320m. The winery managed by Carlo and Douchanka Mancini produces Sagrantino, Montefalco Rosso, Montefalco Riserva and Assiolo an IGT Umbria.

The production is limited but of high quality. Grapes are heavily selected and handpicked. The vine matures and ages in a cellar- a former farmhouse- that ensures constant temperatures. Depending on its type the wine is kept in steel tanks or in oak barrels.

The estate is also home to three species of olive trees: Muraiolo, Leccino, and Frantoiano. The trees are grown on 2,5 hectares of sunny hills, exposed to a warm and gentle breeze.

At the time of harvest olives ripened and reached excellent organoleptic qualities. The olives are then cold pressed to produce an oil that is highly praised locally and worldwide.

Via Antiluzzo 26 – 06044 Castel Ritaldi – Perugia
Carlo Mancini 3386798326
Catherine Charpentier 3393618658
Email:  carlocamillomancini@gmail.com
Sito internet: www.terredisanfelice.it

Anteprima Sagrantino RESERVED AREA