Inside the Villa Mongalli estate, a 15 hectares vineyard has been planted. Fine grapes produce wines of the highest quality, both for the peculiar and rare characteristics of the clayey soil, with a consistent skeleton, therefore light, warm and permeable,an optimal terroir for the vine, and for the good exposure, as well as for the passion and commitment of the family, assisted by nationally renowned experts, in the production of Sagrantino and Rosso of Montefalco.

The vineyards, located at an average altitude of about 370 meters above sea level, are cultivated with the aim of obtaining perfectly healthy grapes, and able to produce great wines linked to the territory of Montefalco. The individual grape varieties are vinified separately and, within them, selective processes are conducted according to ripeness, exposure and the nature of the soil. Harvesting normally takes place with careful sorting of the bunches, and fermentation is carried out with the help of modern technology, exclusively in a natural way, i.e. without the addition of selected yeasts.

From the very beginning, our aim has always been to produce wines with a strong characterization that does not, however, exclude a reinterpretation of an autochthonous vine such as Sagrantino.


Cantina di Villa Mongalli
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